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SmartGear (Android) updated to version 1.1.1
ZeeMouse updated to version 1.7 (Now with support for all MOGA products)
ImageInfo updated to version 1.1 (Now with JEDMICS C4 & CALS support)
SmartGear (Windows) beta available here


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SmartGear for Android is now available on the Google Play store

SmartGear Free



SmartGear supports keyboard input (physical or virtual) as well as direct connection to the following Bluetooth wireless controllers. By directly connecting to the controllers using Bluetooth sockets, SmartGear reduces input lag and allows two players to play on a single device using two controllers.

The Zeemote JS1 is the most affordable controller available. Highlights:

1) The smallest Bluetooth gamepad - fits in your pocket
2) Excellent Bluetooth implementation - low latency and connects on the first try
3) Long battery life from 2 AAA batteries (included)

The SteelSeries Free is my favorite wireless controller. It is the most expensive of the bunch, but well worth it. Highlights:

1) Excellent ergonomics / industrial design - compact, yet comfortable to play
2) Great Bluetooth implementation - low latency, connects instantly and supports HID mode for compatibility with many systems.
3) Smooth and accurate analog sticks
4) Quiet and soft buttons
5) Built-in rechargeable battery lasts for many hours

The PowerA MOGA is for gamers who want a "one body" solution. The integrated clip securely holds your phone to play like a handheld game system. A recent price drop makes this a good deal. Highlights:

1) Low latency, accurate response
2) Includes secure clip to hold any phone
3) Long life from 2 AAA batteries (not included)
4) Includes coupon codes for one or more free games

The iControlPad is one of the early pioneers of Bluetooth gaming. It supports multiple compatibility modes including HID keyboard and gamepad as well as the SPP (serial port protocol) mode used in SmartGear.

Order the iControlPad direct from

The Nintendo Wii controller is also supported directly by SmartGear (no additional software needed). A recent change made by Google to Android version 4.2.x broke L2CAP socket support. In other words, the Wiimote will only work with Android devices running version 2.3.x to 4.1.x. Google may eventually fix what they broke in a new version of Android or it may have been an intentional change for "security reasons".
The Nyko Playpad is another good choice of gamepad. SmartGear doesn't support direct communication with it, but since it has an HID keyboard mode and iCade mode (which SG does support), it's an affordable option. It comes with custom software to support customizing the key codes on Android, but it's not necessary to use it with SG. In fact, Google broke Bluetooth L2CAP socket support in Android 4.2.x, so their app won't work anyway.
The MSI BGP-100 was the first Bluetooth gamepad. It suffers from some latency and quality issues, but if you have one, it works with SmartGear. carries this, but it has been displayed as out of stock for a long time.

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