Larry's Tiny Tools

A collection of useful utility programs for Windows - all less than 30K bytes each. These programs are free for personal use. Please email me If you have an idea for a new tiny tool or for licensing arrangements or to purchase the source code.

ZeeMouse v1.7 allows you to use your wireless bluetooth game controller (Zeemote JS1, SteelSeries Free, BGP-100, iControlPad, all PowerA MOGA controllers ** NEW **) as a mouse or gamepad on your PC. Pair (but don't connect) your device with your PC before running ZeeMouse.
Latest changes: added support for the trigger buttons of the Moga Pro and support for the Hero and Pro Power devices.

Download Link: ZeeMouse.exe (27K)

TIFFTOOL displays all of the tag information inside of TIFF files (including multiple page files). It can be given a filename from the command line (+ drag/drop) or from the GUI file selector.

Download Link: TIFFTOOL.EXE (20K)

ImageInfo v1.1 is a command line tool which displays detailed information about image files. Supported types are: TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP (Windows + OS/2), PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, Targa, JEDMICS C4 and CALS ** NEW **. You can specify a single file or use wildcard names.

Download Link: ImageInfo.exe (11K)

GNU_ASM is a little tool I wrote when I started doing Android NDK development. It converts Microsoft syntax ARM asm into GNU (GAS) syntax. It doesn't always do a perfect conversion but it will certainly save you time from doing it manually. It creates a ".s" file from the input filename (in the source dir), so make sure the source filename doesn't end with ".s".

Download Link: gnu_asm.exe (6K)

BIN_TO_C is a command line tool which converts binary files into hex data compatible with C/C++. This allows you to easily include a blob of binary data in your applications.

Download Link: bin_to_c.exe (5K)